Create Your Free Telegram Bots Just in 3 Seconds!

CreateYourBot is the most advanced Telegram bot builder in the world, which allows you to create advanced and free robots with group management capabilities, channel management, store building, revenue generation, the ability to read RSS feeds and hundreds of other possibilities.

Telegram Bot is A Powerful Tool!

Telegram Bot is one of the capabilities that has long been in the telegram. In fact, it's a software robot that can automatically communicate with your audience and respond to it!

You can create a two-way community between yourself and your users.

You can subscribe to different groups using benefits of Telegram groups.

You can view the list of users and groups and download as an Excel file and send all users, groups, channels or some of them, either by choice or randomly, a newsletter.

Make a user-defined category of your information available to the user. With this, users can easily access information provided by you with a few simple clicks.

Send messages to users and groups at any time and hear their answers.

And most importantly earn money from your robot!

What are the Create Bots?

We've prepared for you a set of capabilities that you can use to build a Bot in Create. In the world of Create everything is possible!

User Friendly:We have tried to provide a user-friendly panel for you. You can do all the necessary work on your robot without the need for any lateral application using Telegram software. Although it is possible to manage robots through the website.

Form Builder:Form builder is one of the advanced features in the Create. With this you can easily create any kind of form you want in your bots and finally send to your email or your telegram account. You can even attach your forms to the site, channel or any key of the bot!

Store:You can create stores for your products. Simply create your own store or stores in the shortest possible time, and offer your products to your users with the capabilities of the bot.

Advanced Statistics:See advanced bot performance statistics. With the features available in Create, you can have advanced statistics from your users and robot groups as well as bot performance in private and in the group.

Group Management:Create bots have many features to manage the group. You can create anti-link bots with Create bots, prevent spamming from groups, display different response when sending different messages, and dozens of other applications.

RSS Reader:Connect to RSS! With Create, you can get your content through RSS. In this way, connect your key to the RSS feed and all! Your content will be delivered via RSS. A very functional feature in Create bots.

Get Content from your Website:Do you have a website and want to be robot for that !? Do not worry. In kreat, you can connect your bot keys to the website and get the key content from the website.

Send Scheduled Message:Send scheduled messages to your users, groups and channels. Schedule any message you can send in Telegram for a specific time and we will send your message at the same time.

Channel Management:Manage your channels centrally. Make the bot admin of your channels and then manage all your channels through the bot centrally.

API: Use our API to create a bot. For you, there is an API that you can use to build your Create bot in your applications.

And countless other features you just have to try.Whanna try?

How to Create a Telegram Bot?

Don't have programming knowledge and enough time? Do not worry. We allow you to create your own robot without having to have any programming knowledge and only in 3 seconds.

Go to Botfather and by sending command /newbot and entering a name and username for your bot, get a TOKEN.

Got to CreateYourBot If it is the first time you have entered bot press START to enter the bot. then tap the key Create a New Bot.

Forward the message containing the token which you got in the first step and your bot is READY!